About Cindy Mitchell .... The Lone Wolf

About Cindy Mitchell.... The Lone Wolf 

I am a Colorado native, and have long embraced the influences of nature and southwestern culture on my life.  I have practiced several art forms throughout the years, including painting, drawing, stained glass, writing, and playing several musical instruments.

I then discovered the art of the silversmith.  I have always loved jewelry, and especially southwestern jewelry.  To be able to design and craft such jewelry?  I found my passion! 

One morning at the beginning of my new journey I looked out the window of my Colorado mountain cabin, and saw a lone gray wolf standing on the ridge.  She was alone but fearless, she was determined and focused.  She knew she would find her way.  I named my business Lone Gray Wolf Design, and she has been a mentor for my journey forward since.

Today's world is fast paced, high tech and mass produced; and that's wonderful for many aspects of our lives.  Art, culture and tradition should not be lost however; they provide the balance of matters of the heart.  Being a craftsman, continuing a tradition, and hand making each piece myself in my studio brings me great satisfaction and balance to my life.

Please take a few moments of your time to view my creations. They are unique, many are one of a kind, and each one is a hand crafted labor of love.   I hope you will value the time and dedication that has gone into each piece.  I hope they may bring you a balance of matters of the heart, as they have done for me.

If I can bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart when wearing my pieces, then the Lone Gray Wolf has done her job!